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RUB Email account / Internet access

In order to access the internet from the student dormitories, you must first activate your RUB internet account. Activating your internet account is only possible with a card reader. Students may use one of the computer stations on campus, for example in the main library (UB) or in the University Administration building (UV), to activate their account. Easy step-by-step instructions are provided below:

  • Insert your student card into the card reader. When asked, enter your "Benutzername" (login ID) and PIN both of which were included in your enrolment documents. The PIN can be found on a separate sheet.

  • Go to "Passwort zu loginID setzen" and set a password. Here you are free to choose. However, please note that you will need to remember this password to access the internet and your RUB email account. Your new password will be active approx. one hour after setting it.

  • You will now need an internet cable to connect your computer to the internet in your dormitory. THERE IS NOT WIFI ACCESS PROVIDED IN THE DORMITORIES! Once you have connected your computer, go to and login with your user ID and new password. You will need to repeat this step every time you want to access the internet.

  • You can now also register your personal "RUB Webmail" account by following this link: After the initial registration, you will be able to access your RUB email account anywhere by following the same link.

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Please contact IT.Services with any questions concerning internet access or the RUB email account.