Ruhr Fellows

2016 Ruhr Fellowship Program

Within the framework of the 2016 Ruhr Fellowship Program, 17 students of engineering, business and natural sciences from the Ivy League universities Harvard, Princeton, UC Berkeley and the University of Pennsylvania spend June and July in the Ruhr Area.

During their stay, the Ruhr Fellows participate in an academic-cultural program at the three UA Ruhr universities – Ruhr University Bochum, the University of Duisburg-Essen, and TU Dortmund University. This summer school, which mainly takes place at RUB, consists among other things of a German language course, visits to the three engineering faculties at RUB and excursions to the RWE brown coal surface mine in Garzweiler, the ChemSite in Marl, and the RAG mine Prosper-Haniel.

Subsequently, the Ruhr Fellows will carry out work experience with the following supporting companies of the Initiativkreis Ruhr GmbH: RWE, KPMG, Gelsenwasser, Emschergenossenschaft und Lippeverband, Ruhrverband, Vaillant, BP Europa SE, Thyssengas, Brenntag, SMS, Evonik, Accenture, National-Bank, HOCHTIEF.

This summer, however, should not only be beneficial in terms of getting to know the Ruhr Area and gaining practical professional skills. It should also enable an intercultural exchange with German students. For this purpose, the Ruhr Fellows have been matched with German students, so-called 'Buddies,' who assist them in their everyday lives and help plan free-time activities. Furthermore, the program aims to establish a long-term research and business collaboration between the Ruhr Area and the participating American Ivy League universities, emerging from contacts gained during the student exchange.