Jean-Philippe Primout

Home university: Université François Rabelais

Guest university: Ruhr-Universität Bochum

City/country: Tours, France

Subject: French as a foreign language

Erasmus stay: 1996/1997

Current occupation: Study Abroad Coordinator

In 2007, I spent three months at Ruhr-Universität Bochum to conclude the first year of my Master of Education (French as a foreign language). The experience of being a study abroad student and being immersed in another culture was the highlight of my stay!

The university was really flexible with my case and allowed me to be a teaching assistant instead of attending the French Culture classes. I also took part in the tandem programme at Ruhr-Universität, which was a new and experimental approach of language acquisition for me. It ended up being super fun and really efficient.

Jean-Phillipe in 2007

Today, I am working in the field of International Studies, helping my American students to benefit from the same experiences. I often mention my stay in Germany to compare and contrast our experiences. They are always surprised to hear about the Erasmus programme. They envy the European citizens for having such a unique programme to study and work abroad and to experience other cultures and learn new languages. They don't understand why not ALL students in the European Union seize this great opportunity!