Efe Erdem

Home university: Technical University Yıldız

Guest university: Ruhr-Universität Bochum

City/country: Istanbul, Turkey

Subject: Engineering

ERASMUS stay: 2016

Current occupation: Civil engineer

The best time of my life? Erasmus! Even though I have been to many cities in Europe for holidays and language education, Erasmus was a totally different abroad experience. I cannot limit Erasmus to simply being an education programme. Erasmus means a life with people from all around the world. You spend your time with them and learn about their cultures. Actually, you become an international person through Erasmus. Erasmus changed my notion of life and other cultures; it improved my language abilities and social contacts. Thanks, Erasmus, for making me an international person! If I could, I would definitely continue my Erasmus experience at Ruhr-Universität.

Efe in Bochum in 2016

I was in Bochum in the summer semester 2016. At the beginning, I had some doubts about Bochum, because I have never lived in such a small city. My RUB experience started with the orientation course – which I highly recommend – and I learned a lot about the different services that RUB has to offer (language courses, 80 different sports, social activities etc.) and life in Bochum. I was becoming happier every day. Each day I met different people, went to many different events such as Social Erasmus Week, city tours, field trips, and of course parties, which were organised by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Bochum – who are very kind and friendly people. When it comes to studying at RUB, the university provides students with a well-equipped library and buildings. Furthermore, the International Office, your coordinators and other office staff are helpful and solution-oriented. Additionally, RUB has a very international campus. You can meet people from every country.

Eventually, when I was at the airport to go back home, more than I ever dreamt of had come true! After Erasmus, I completed my Bachelor in engineering and I decided to apply for an international Master’s Programme, also at RUB. My Erasmus experience is always the main part of my motivation letters when applying. Moreover, I still keep in touch with my friends and I have already met up with some of them after Erasmus. I feel like I have several homes all around the world, such as Mexico, Latvia, Italy, Argentina, France etc. Yet, of course, Bochum is my second home after I have made such great experiences during my Erasmus stay. To Bochum with love! Erasmus never ends!