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Language Courses

When studying or carrying out an internship abroad, it may be helpful or even necessary to learn the language of the host country or to improve your language skills. The best place to learn a foreign language is the country in which it is spoken. Therefore, you may consider taking language courses offered at universities or private language centres abroad. These centres usually offer a wide range of courses for beginners, advanced speakers and experts, dealing with topics related to tourism, academic or professional matters. You can consult the respective websites for more information on universities and language centres.
Additionally, you can improve your language skills in your home country before going abroad, for example at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) or other educational institutions such as Volkshochschulen (colleges of further education), private language centres, etc.
You may also wish to improve your language skills without further studying or interning abroad. In this case you have the opportunity to attend a language course lasting a few weeks or months.

University Language Centre at RUB (ZFA)

You have the opportunity to take language courses at the University Language Centre (ZFA). It offers courses in German, Arabic, Swedish, Spanish, French, and many more languages. In addition to these language courses which are available at various levels, you may also like to consult the Tandem Placement Service (language exchange partner).

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Bochum University Institute of Intensive Language Training (LSI)

The Bochum University Institute of Intensive Language Training (LSI) offers intensive language courses in languages such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Russian.

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